Tamiya Pro Chassis XV-02 Kit

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  • The all-new XV-02 Pro chassis kit is Tamiya’s second modern era, purpose built, 4WD Rally machine! The XV-01 Pro incorporated a 4WD belt drive system with clever positioning of the RC electronic components with debris protection compartments. The all-new XV-02 Pro takes its 4WD drivetrain into a different direction by using a shaft-driven system with front mid-ship motor placement that incorporates equal length front and rear propeller shafts!

    Equipped with sponge tape on the front and back of the polycarbonate chassis cover to reduce the intrusion of pebbles and gravel into the chassis.

    XV-02 chassis at a glance:

    • Comes with two 39T differential gears and one 40T differential gear for adjustment of front and rear drive balance. (Over-Drive and Under-Drive Adjustment)
    • Use 39T gear (w/15T gear) on the front and 40T gear (w/15T gear) on the rear for drive balance bias to front and vice-versa for drive balance bias to rear.
    • Features newly-designed parts such as gears, bathtub frame chassis, chassis cover, caster blocks featuring 6-degree caster angle (XV-01 chassis: 10-degree caster angle), and bumpers with skid angles to reduce surface contact.
    • The motor mount, propeller shafts, input and center shafts, and urethane bumpers have new metal parts.
    • Features a longitudinal battery pack position in the center-left for optimum balance.
    • Long aluminum dampers are employed at front and rear.
    • A polycarbonate chassis cover with wheel well liners help prevent dirt and dust from getting inside.
    • Suspension arms and front uprights are based upon the XV-01 chassis kit.
    • Comes with rally block tires and wheels.


    • Chassis length 368mm (excluding body)
    • Chassis width 180mm
    • Wheel base 257mm
    • Frame = bathtub type
    • Drive system = front midship motor / shaft drive 4WD
    • Diff gear = oil-filled gear differential for both front and rear
    • Steering = 3-split tie rod type
    • Suspension = 4-wheel double wishbone
    • Damper = Aluminum cylinder long oil damper (blue cap specification)
    • Gear ratio = 9.58: 1 when using the 19T pinion included in the kit (10.71: 1 to 6.28: 1 in combination with the separately sold pinions (Up to 14 types of gear ratios can be selected)

    Requires: Rally Body, 2-channel radio, low profile servo, ESC, 540-type motor, and 7.2-7.4volt battery with compatible charger.

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