Tamyia F104 PRO II W/BODY – 1:10

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Modern Day Racer
This R/C formula chassis assembly kit comes with a realistic polycarbonate body drawing on 2017 trends with a sharp, slanting nose and bulging side pontoons. Additional parts are included to create alternative tapered lower sections for side pontoons. The complex front wing and its low rear counterpart are reproduced with separate parts, as are bargeboards and induction pod.


Streamlined & Upgraded Chassis
The kit fits the lightweight and streamlined F104 chassis with various upgraded parts. At the front, the independent kingpin coil spring suspension's camber can be altered by switching upper mount attachment direction, while the rear rigid setup features a T-bar for smooth pitch damping, in combination with friction plates and a TRF damper. Rear wheels can be changed without the need to dismantle the aluminum ball differential. Semi-pneumatic synthetic rubber tires give great realism. Comes with full ball bearings.

★Left: Switch upper mount attachment direction to alter the camber of the independent kingpin coil spring suspension.

★Right: T-bar features a U-shaped cutaway for smooth pitch damping. It is crafted from 1.5mm thickness FRP plate.


★Left: 2017 season trends are reflected by the original body design and its complex wings front and rear.

★Right: The chassis is a slimline unit with tried and tested direct drive 2WD for a superb driving experience.


★Length: 440mm, Width: 180mm, Height: 88mm

★Wheelbase: 270mm ★Tread: 150mm (Front), 145mm (Rear)

★Tire Width/Diameter: 30/64 (Front), 35/64 (Rear)

★FRP Double Deck Frame ★Transverse Motor Rear Direct Drive 2WD ★Ball Differential ★Symmetrical Steering Tie-Rod ★Suspension: Kingpin Coil Spring (Front), T-Bar Rigid (Rear) ★Gear Ratio 4.16:1 (When used with 25T Pinion and 104T Spur Gears ★Requires Type 540 Motor and Electronic Speed Controller (sold separately)


Required to complete:
★Type 540 motor
★2-Channel R/C Unit with ESC or seprarate ESC
★Battery Pack & Charger
★R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter

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