BetaFPV HX115 115mm HD Toothpick Drone med FrSky R-XSR mottaker

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NB: Kommer ferdigmontert med en FrSky R-XSR mottaker (for telemetri og PID-tuning direkte fra sender, noe som ikke er mulig med f.eks. XM+) med ACCESS firmware 1.x for bedre og mer stabil kommunikasjon samt enklere parring med sender. Du kan enkelt oppgradere firmware (eller nedgradere hvis din sender ikke støtter ACESS) med serial passthrough via USB-porten. Se egen fane.


HX115 HD 3-4S Freestyle Ripper, the first toothpick quadcopter with the customized high-definition camera RunCam Split 3 Nano in the world has come, which can shoot in 1080P video at 60FPS and capture the special moments in your flying life. It features toothpick F4 2-4S AIO FC paired with 1105 5000KV motor, enables you to experience the unparalleled boost in power and performance. For those of you who wanna rip in the backyard or blast through the sky, this beast is for you.
  • HX115 HD is the first HD toothpick drone at present which is installed with Runcam Split 3 Nano camera. With the features of low latency TV-OUT(40MS) and 1080P/60fps HD recording, it brings you an unforgettable FPV flying experience.
  • The first carbon fiber series installs Betafpv Toothpick 12A 2-4S AIO flight controller, which can reduce weight and size and makes it easier to work on and DIY without lots of messy soldering and wiring.
  • More durable and aesthetic while maintaining minimal weight is achieved with a 4.2mm thickness carbon fiber unibody frame.
  • Integrates with 1105 5000KV motor, HX115 offers unparalleled execution in thrust and control.
  • Supports 3-4S battery. It has plenty of power and punch to do all the tricks and flips you want. Our recommended power combination is that 3030 props with 450mAh 3S battery, while 3020 props with 450mAh 4S battery.


HX115 115mm 3-4S HD Toothpick Drone Quadcopter - Betafpv

Toothpick F4 2-4S AIO Flight Controller

The first carbon fiber drone series that installs a new layout all-in-one Toothpick FC, makes this ideal for tight builds and achieves mini stack height. Possesses high-performance STM32F411CEU processor and tuned Betaflight MATEKF411 (MK41), which provides much more power on 2-4S. 

Runcam Split 3 Nano Camera and A01 VTX

The RunCam Split 3 Nano, Ultra-low weight 10g, gives you 1080p/60fps HD recording while also utilizing a sharp WDR FPV camera. In order to accommodate toothpick class drone, Betafpv customized shorter RunCam lens length, which can prevent lens damage during flight. For more instruction, click here to reach.

Specifications of Camera

  • Weight: 10g
  • 1080P/60fps HD recording & WDR FPV camera
  • Anti-drop SD card
  • Wide voltage range (5-20v)
  • Stronger flexible ribbon cable
  • Power-off protection for video files
  • FPV aspect ratio 16:9/4:3 switchable
  • Optimize TV-OUT interference to reduce ripple
  • Super WDR FPV image with low latency (40ms)
  • TV Mode: NTSC (720*480)/PAL (720*576) Switchable

Specifications of VTX 

A01 VTX board is lighter and perfectly suitable for canopy with switchable output power between 25mW and 200mW. SmartAudio is available for VTX remote control in default.

  • Output power: 25mW and 200mW (Adjustable)
  • Smart Audio function is included for radio control
  • Frequency: 5.8GHz 6 bands 48 channels, with Raceband: 5362~5945MHz


HX115 T700 Carbon Fiber Frame

Newly structure design, R0.5 chamfer, and 4.2mm thickness make HX115 T700 carbon unibody frame become ultimate durability and aesthetic while maintaining minimal weight. It has applied upgraded T700 carbon fiber material, stronger crashworthiness compared to the initial T300 frame.

Recommended Battery

Adhering to the purpose of bringing the perfect flight experience to customers, the most suitable match for props and batteries are as follows, which is switchable and affordable.

Note: We do NOT recommend using 3030 3-blade props with the 4s battery, it may burn your motor due to increased amp draw.


  • 1 * HX115 115mm HD Quad
  • 1 * HQ 3030 3-Blade Props (4pcs)
  • 1 * HQ 3020 2-Blade Props (4pcs)
  • 1 * Runcam OSD board and cable
  • 1 * Set of M2 screws 

*Battery is NOT included. It comes with two sets of 3´´ props without pre-installed, props at your disposal.

Her er fremgangsmåten for å flashe mottaker-firmware via Serial Passthrough i Betaflight (Last ned Tool-FrSky update sport først):

  1. Start Betaflight Configurator og koble til USB (uten batteriet koblet til!).
  2. Sjekk at F.port er aktivert (se egen fane).
  3. Gå til CLI og skriv:
    serialpassthrough 1 57600
  4. Koble fra Betaflight Configurator.
  5. Start FrSky Update Tool.
  6. Klikk File og last inn firmware (må være versjon med F.port støtte!).
  7. Plugg i batteriet i dronen.
  8. Klikk Download og vent til ferdig (tar ca. 2 minutter).

Mottakeren har F.port firmware og skal være satt opp til å bruke det i Betaflight, men i tilfelle du mister innstillingene ved oppdatering eller lignende er dette fremgangsmåten for å aktivere det igjen:

  1. Gå til Configuration i Betaflight Configurator og velg FrSky FPort som Serial Receiver Provider.
  2. Skru på Telemetry og lagre.
  3. Gå til Receiver og sett RSSI Channel til Disabled og lagre.
  4. Skriv følgende i CLI:
    set serialrx_halfduplex = ON
    set serialrx_inverted = OFF

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